ITC sponsoring the largest digital gathering in the Kingdom



Integrated Telecom Company (ITC) sponsorship of the Forum and the Conference Arabnet which is one of the largest conferences in the Kingdom sector of digital professionals and entrepreneurs , which was held in the Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh during the period 3 to 4 December 2013 .

During this period, the ITC service providing high speed internet connectivity to all attendees at the conference to confirm the extent of the power and stability of the network of private and independent company.

Commenting Engineer Ghassan Abdul Wahab Itani, CEO of ITC , saying: been fully cover the conference and exhibition and all the halls accompanying the conference to the Internet were provided with more than 100 MB to cover the event where he witnessed impress all the participants and the audience of internet speed and browsing speed where are ITC by providing better services to the business sector and this characteristic of our efficiency to everyone and always strive to provide the best capabilities and technology.

Within just seven years , the ITC 's achievements are important and proactive through a fiber optic network independent extended for a distance of 17,000 kilometers and data centers based technologies advanced and scattered all over the Kingdom to work on linking the world through 7 international gateways provide the speed and reliability and seamless for customers, while ensuring that the level of services Introduction (SLAs).

In addition, ITC provides a unique approach with qualified specialists in every sector of the business through a working group composed of 400 dedicated employees . ITC also enjoys today as a leader in the provision of Internet services and data-bound carry licenses DSP, ISP, VSAT confidence of businesses , this company has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certificate of ITC for the next three years for maximum efficiency , dedication and commitment to the quality management system.


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