ITC to participate in Dubai 2014 CIO Summit

The Integrated Telecom (ITC) Company will participate in Dubai 2014 CIO Summit which will be held in Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai, during 24-25 February, by the International Data Corporation (IDC).

By participating in this event, ITC will represent its technical and professional experiences in the Saudi and Gulf business sectors through meeting with IT experts, showing them how ITC managed to expand its infrastructure to encompass the independent and advanced network connecting the KSA to other parts of the world via 7 international gateways extending over 17.000 KM area, and 6 main databases, thus delivering "reliable speed and stability" to customers along with the high-level services guaranteed by the Service level Agreement (SLA), in addition to other solutions and applications for different business sectors.

Moreover, ITC delivers a unique approach supported by a work team composed of 400 specialists of qualified professionals in every sector of business. As a leading service provider of Internet and data linkage services, and holder of DSP, ISP and VSAT licenses, ITC retains trust of business organizations. In addition, ITC has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 for the next three years in recognition of optimal efficiency, dedication and commitment to quality management system.

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