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Executive Cloud Backup as a Service helps you better protect ever-growing data volumes, efficiently manage information assets, and quickly find, recover and access data. With a truly unified and innovative data management solution you can transform your approach to data protection, allowing you to transcend the limitations of traditional backup.

ITC’s Backup solution delivers these capabilities through a single platform and console, across locations and at any scale, from a few terabytes to petabytes of data to protect and manage. You can protect complex, heterogeneous environments, physical and virtual servers, remote offices, and even information on laptops and desktops with one solution. You can maximize efficiency by leveraging whatever policies and regulations you need to apply without worrying about the cost or capacity.

Core Features

Take Control

Through a single pane of glass, you can view, manage, and access all functions and all data across your enterprise

Simplify Management

Protect and manage data from virtual and physical servers, applications, NAS shares, cloud-based infrastructures, and mobile devices, simply and easily.

Automate Key Processes

Enable policy-based automation, while role-based access ensures secure management. It also provides built-in alerts and reporting

Work Smarter

Integrate with nearly all of the top storage arrays.

Streamline Operations

Backup, archive, and report built-in a single platform.

Ensure Accessibility

All managed data resides within a safe, efficient, intelligent and accessible virtual repository.


  • Unlimited Scalability without the upfront capital expenditure.
  • Optimize your operating environment with new levels of insight and advanced reporting capabilities across all data.
  • Enable the convergence of backup, archiving and reporting with a single scan which saves time.
  • Ease of recovery through single control panel.
  • All managed data resides within a safe, efficient, intelligent and accessible virtual repository of all corporate data.

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