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Executive Cloud virtual private servers provide you with high-caliber server solutions, without the costly outlay commonly associated with physical dedicated servers. Executive Cloud is committed to keep zero or low contention rates across all of our virtual private servers, to ensure you are receiving the service you are paying for.

The infrastructure used to create the virtual private servers is located in Executive Cloud facilities connected to our Internet core, ensuring reliable connectivity at very low latencies. Our data centers are connected with redundant connectivity to ensure you to remain online. Responsibility for monitoring this high-speed service lies with our in-house technical team consisting of trained and certified professionals.

Core Features

Scalable & Flexible

You can keep track of your VPS’ resources via dashboard displays and email alerts.

Reliable & Resilient

Executive Cloud’s clustered architecture supports automatic failover.

High Performance

Improve your business with our centralized storage area network (SAN).

Access Anytime

With full remote control you can manage every aspect of your server from anywhere in the world.

Absolute Security

Isolated environment, where other virtual servers cannot access your files or memory space.

Secure Executive

You don’t have to worry about the safety and security of your business information.


  • Data is Hosted locally within Saudi Arabia.
  • Service offered from the state-of-the-art platform.
  • “Pay as you grow” model, on demand increase or decrease of resources.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Support.
  • One stop shop for all services.

Reasons to choose our VPS

  • Your data is Hosted & secured locally within Saudi Arabia.
  • Arabic technical support team: available at all times 24/7/365.
  • ISO Certified: IT Service Management System (SMS) and Information Security Management System (ISMS).
  • SLA: Guaranteed quality and scope of the service.
  • Trusted by +80% of top Saudi companies as well as prestigious governmental and Multinationals organizations.
  • Active & Responsive Team: agile in advanced solutions development, dedicated to achieving your business objectives.
  • Independent state-of-the-art infrastructure owned by us.
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  • VPS is equivalent to the Dedicated Server with LOWER COST:
    In terms of speed, performance, and full independence.
  • Faster performance than shared hosting:
    It is the next upgrade level of shared hosting for the sites having a consistently increasing number of visitors.
  • Safe and secure choice for business hosting:
    Multi-layered protections built into the system, with an individual IP address and password protected entries as well as firewalls to ensure that the VPS is safe from attacks.
  • Complete Control:
    Full root access and the power to control the entire server environment and install whatever software or scripts.
  • High Availability:
    VPS infrastructure is built on a mechanism that can immediately resume activity without any disruption of service in case of failure, as well as a fully redundant environment connected to a high speed internet backbone offers real 99.5% uptime.
  • Fully Upgradable:
    Quickly and easily without the expense of hardware turnarounds.
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  • Web Server
    - Probably the most common use of a VPS is as a web server.
  • Email Server
    - Can be used as an email server.
  • DR Server
    - Can be used as a remote replication for disaster recovery (DR).
  • DNS Server
    – Simply to run, for example, a secondary name server.
  • FTP Server
    – Some websites that have large amounts of downloads may want to consider having their FTP servers on a separate box from their main website.
  • Backup Server
    – Can be used as a backup server.
  • Content Delivery Server
    – Downloadable media files, live streaming media, on-demand streaming media.
  • Dev. & Test Server
    – Can be used as a software development.
  • App Server
    – To host and run applications such as mobile Apps & mobile games.
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