HR & Payroll

HR & Payroll solution is a focused solution for crucial HR & payroll needs for the organizations looking to...

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Order Management

Order management is an ideal solution for companies looking for a perfect partner to manage their sales cycle right ..

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Smart HCM

ITC mbas Smart HCM is a complete solution to Human capital needs of any organization looking for a perfect end to end solution..

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Smart Trading

ITC mbas Smart Trading is a well-designed solution built to completely address all major challenges in trading industry from optimum ...

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Smart Distribution

ITC mbas Smart distribution is a specially crafted solution for organizations having multiple distribution locations ..

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Smart Retail

ITC mbas Smart Retail is an integrated retail management system which includes end to end inventory ...

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Smart Manufacturing

ITC Smart Manufacturing is a purposely designed neat solution for manufacturing companies involved all kind discrete and process..

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Smart Financials

ITC mbas Smart Financials is an elegant solution from mbas to address organization’s comprehensive financial needs right from .. .

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Point of Sale (POS)

ITC mbas POS is a lightweight online point of sales solution for the organizations looking for retail inventory ..

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Material Management

ITC mbas material management solution is a targeted solution for the organizations looking to enhance their supply ..

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