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ITC mbas order management is an ideal solution for companies looking for a perfect partner to manage their sales cycle right from order to cash collection sales followed by order booking, fulfillment and post sales.

Global competition is becoming fierce and organizations with better sales and customer support system gets an edge to become leaders in market.

Wherein, ITC mbas order management system provides end to end automation of organization’s enterprise sales cycle, automate planning and delivery schedule and streamlines operations to proactively respond to customer queries with the right product in the right time.


  • Comprehensive order management.
  • Seamless synchronization of orders with inventory.
  • Effortlessly manage multi-currency pricing.
  • Choose from various Inventory valuation methods options like–FIFO, Weighted average..
  • Multi-level authorization for all the transactions.


  • Real-time dashboards that give deep insights across the key areas of the organization.
  • Reduce costs associated with invoicing, billing inaccuracies and sharing unconsolidated statements..
  • Improve cash flow.
  • Gain visibility into operational data across the supply chain from order planning to sales returns.

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