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ITC mbas Smart Financials is an elegant solution from mbas to address organization’s comprehensive financial needs right from bookkeeping to managing budgets and segments.

Organizations nowadays are looking for deep insights in data from different perspectives of profit centers, cost centers and other segments to remain competitive in delivering services and products at a competitive price.

ITC mbas SMART Financials helps organizations to achieve their specialized financial need by offering a full-fledged solution to cater their General ledgers, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Budgeting & segmentation needs and facilities all accounting transactions to generate required reports along with live Dashboards.


  • Common chart of accounts for multiple Sub organizations.
  • Budgeting with option to track expenses, capital investment with variance analysis.
  • Supports segment reporting with user defined.
  • segments for multi-dimensional analysis of financial information.
  • Ability to define tax formula dynamically, utilization in all transactions and automatic posting to finance ledgers.


  • Drill-down information from Summaries to Specific transactions.
  • User-specific and configurable report generation.

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