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MenaDMS® is a cloud based documents management system that allow corporates to manage their documents online with a high security features, MenaDMS provide a cabinets and folders management features that will allow corporate to organize them as well provide the appropriate access for the team accordingly.

MenaDMS® Benefits

  • Locate you documents easier.
  • No more physical spaces needed.
  • keep all my data on my primary storage tier so it has both high performance and high availability.
  • Manage and maintain documents versions.

MenaDMS® Features

  • Web based solution , Multi language support.
  • Easy of use, social media look and feel.
  • Cabinets and folders managements.
  • Powerful search engine with tagging features.
  • Advanced Security Matrix for controlling documents access.

MenaDMS® Differentiators

  • First Arabic standalone DMS product on the cloud.
  • User friendly, built on configuration and wizard setup.
  • Reduce costs for the customer due to its affordable prices.
  • Support corporates not only individuals.

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