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Executive Cloud Virtual Firewall delivers all the benefits of the physical firewall to secure your environment with upwards of 99% uptime, without the need to deploy and manage physical firewall.

The Firewall solution with purpose built hardware and software provides technology-leading performance for the most demanding networking environments. Executive Cloud integrated architecture provides extremely high throughput and exceptionally low latency, minimizing packet processing while accurately scanning the data for threats. The firewall processors deliver content inspection at multi-Gigabit speeds.

Core Features

Delivered as a purpose-built platform, Executive Cloud’s Networks next-generation firewalls are based on Latest technology and bring visibility and control over applications, users and content back to the IT department using three identification technologies: App-ID, User-ID and Content-ID

  • Advanced UTM features
  • Monitoring and controlling network ports and applications
  • Manage bandwidth usage by persons, IP address, and applications.


Integrated security platform

7 key security components to provide customers the greatest flexibility and protection available in a modern security platform.

Consistent Technology

Provide the same leading edge protection regardless of company size (SMB to large enterprise).

Eliminate (CAPEX) and decrease (OPEX)

Eliminating multiple security devices and collapsing them into one security choke-point.

Unparalleled security and performance

Our Virtual firewall systems perform real-time content reassembly and analysis to deliver 4 to 6 times the performance for antivirus, grayware, IDS, encryption, content analysis.

Designed for modern and unknown attacks detection

We use the latest security algorithms to take advantage of the shared information between security components providing the ability to stop malicious threats that are non-signature based.

Proactive security solution

Networks protected by our Virtual firewall can stop new born threats faster than traditional "identify only" and "manual update" security solutions.

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